Deck Pressure Washing

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Deck Pressure Washing Service

A deck is great place to gather with friends and family in Virginia, which is why it is important to keep it clean. Not only does a clean deck look better but once decks get mold and mildew on them they become very slippery and unsafe to walk on when it is wet outside.

Deck Pressure Washing Service

Deck Cleaning

Proper maintenance is important to prolong the life of your deck, one way to perform that maintenance is to have your deck professionally pressure washed. Pressure washing or soft washing your deck not only removes mold, mildew and algae that makes the surface of your deck slippery and dangerous to walk on when it is wet, it also revitalizes the appearance of the deck. Over time the suns UV rays weather your deck making it have a grey appearance, pressure washing and soft washing removes the grey appearance and brings the boards back to a natural wood finish.

Pressure wash deck before painting or staining

If you are planning on painting or staining your deck in the near future, you should consider having your deck professionally pressure washed to ensure the new stain or paint finish lasts. Without cleaning your deck prior to painting or staining dirt and debris becomes trapped under the new finish compromising how it adheres to your deck. A freshly cleaned surface provides optimal results when it comes to painting or staining your deck.

LOCAL Deck Pressure washing SERVICE

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