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VA Pressure Washing Inc is a Virginia based Pressure Washing Company that provides professional Norfolk cleaning services. Our professional cleaning services involve a soft washing process that will have your roof looking brand new. VA Pressure Washing Inc is a locally-owned and operated business that proudly services Norfolk and the surrounding areas. We believe in providing customers with high quality workmanship, affordable prices and courteous customer service.


A gutter system is a connection of pipes and tubes that run along the roof of your house. The gutter’s job is to catch the rain that rolls off of the roof top. The pipes then transport the rain water to a safe disposal area. Without a gutter system, the roof of your house and the siding of your house would suffer from severe water damage. Unfortunately, rain water is not the only thing gutters can collect. Over time gutters can collect particles such as leafs, twigs, small branches and other harmful material. This causes your gutter system to clog and over flow during heavy rain storms. VA Pressure Washing Inc is a professional Pressure Washing company that also specializes in gutter cleaning services.

VA Pressure Washing Inc also provides a gutter brightening service that will have the gutters on your house looking brand new. Our professionals use a detailed brightening plan, which improves the entire exterior appearance of your house. Your gutters are an important feature on your house, and if you allow them to become clogged or dirty, they become obsolete. A house without a proper functioning gutter system will suffer from severe damages, and the results will cost you more money in costly repairs. Utilizing our gutter cleaning service will completely change the exterior appearance of your house. Not only do our professionals clean out your gutters, but they brighten them as well. Brightened gutters will make the exterior color of your house pop. Cleaning out a gutter system is a dirty and time consuming chore, and without the proper equipment the job could go on for days. Our professionals offer an excellent gutter cleaning service all at a reasonable price. Hiring a professional to handle your gutters will save you money in the long run and lot of stress and heartache.


Pressure Washing is the process of removing surface material such as dirt, mud, mildew, mold and other pollutants from the exterior features of your house. Pressure Washing and pressure washing are practically the same service except for one detail. Pressure Washing uses hot water temperatures to break down dirt while pressure washing relies solely on the high pressured water to blast dirt from an object. VA Pressure Washing Inc provides both Pressure Washing and pressure washing services to the commercial and residential customers in Norfolk Pressure Washing is not recommended for cleaning the siding of a house. Since it is so powerful, the results could cause damage to your siding. Our professionals use Pressure Washing services to clean concrete areas and hard surface features around your house such as decks, patios, pool areas, fences, walkways and driveways.


We have already stated that your Norfolk roof completes the exterior appearance of your house and makes it look amazing, but your roof does more than just that. Your roof is your home’s protection from the outside world. It provides protection from the harsh elements such as rain, wind and storms. It also provides protection from the hot sun bearing down on you. If your roof is left improperly maintained, the results could damage the roof’s structure. At VA Pressure Washing Inc, our professional Norfolk cleaning services will make your roof look brand new again for a fraction of the price to replace it. When it comes to cleaning a roof, you don’t want to use a Pressure Washing system. A high powered pressure washer could damage the structure of your roof and cost you more money in repairs. At VA Pressure Washing Inc, we use a delicate soft washing service to clean the roof of your house. This soft washing process uses a combination of eco-friendly chemicals and low pressure rinse system. These chemicals are completely safe and will not harm you or your property, but they will eliminate any dirt, mold, mildew or other contaminates from your roof top. This is the best way to thoroughly clean your roof top without damaging the roof’s structure.


Our key to success is a blend of high-quality client care, time-honored practices, rigorous personnel training, and our better equipment purchase policy. You can count on us to clean up the exterior of your home or business.



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